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OpSus Defend

OpSus Defend Overview

OpSus Defend is a suite of managed security services built to offer organizations protection which adapts to the evolving threats in healthcare. OpSus Defend allows Healthcare IT to add layers of professionally managed security protection and monitoring to their on-premises or cloud-based systems. OpSus Defend takes a recurring approach to systems security. Traditional, one-time “analyze and remediate” services have trouble keeping pace with the evolving threat landscape. All OpSus defend services include recurring checkpoints with your technical and administrative staff to keep you informed on what is happening in your environment as well as tracking remediation efforts. OpSus Defend provides visibility and accountability; that’s the OpSus difference.

Services Include:

  • HIPAA Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Threat Management
  • Security Information Event Monitoring
  • Penetration Testing
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Virtual Information Security Program
  • Connected Medical Device and IoT Security
  • Business Associate Lifecycle Management


Does OpSus Defend work with other OpSus Services?

Yes, OpSus Defend includes a wide range of security services that enhance many or all other OpSus Services (e.g., OpSus Live, OpSus Recover, etc.).

What information losses does the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) service look for?

The Data Loss Prevention service reports losses to patient demographic information, patient clinical information, unencrypted clinical information, and unencrypted transmission loss. The channel where losses occurred is identified as well (e.g., SMTP, email, etc.).

Which OpSus Defend service is my best defense against ransomware?

While secure backups are actually the best defense against paying a ransom, preventative security systems can offer wide ranging protection. Vulnerability Threat Management (VTM) can provide high visibility into the threats of your environment which can be exploited by threat actors seeking to deploy ransomware.

Also, OpSus Defend Managed Phishing can train your users who are both your greatest threat and your greatest asset.

Does the Vulnerability Threat Management (VTM) service offer internal or external scanning?

Both, customer can select either internal, external or both scanning options.

Does CloudWave have a security program geared toward user training and mock phishing campaigns?

Yes, OpSus Defend has a service that works with your IT staff to designate fake phishing campaigns using targeted social engineering techniques to assess your user alertness. The service includes a full report of campaign results.


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